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Madame Hooch's Broomstick Lesson 3rd June 2020

Posted: Jun 9, 2020 by: A Richards (arichards) on: Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

This week the children have been thinking about the Harry Potter books.  Today they have imagined what it would feel like to take part in their first broomstick lesson.


Before the lesson, I felt determined and excited as I was about to ride a broomstick for the first time ever!! My teacher was Madam Hooch, a slim witch with short grey hair and piercing yellow eyes. As I stood on the front lawn of Hogwarts castle staring at my broom, Madam Hooch told us to hold our right hand over the broom and say “UP!” very firmly. I did just this and to my surprise it flew up into my hand. When everyone had there right hand clasped round their brooms, Madam Hooch gave out our next instruction: she wanted us to mount them!! I got into position, but before Madam Hooch could press the whistle to her lips, Neville Longbottom became suspended in mid air, on his broom. Madam Hooch demanded Neville to come back down to the ground but as soon as she did this his broomstick went HAYWIRE! Neville zoomed round and round the castle letting out shrieks of panic while down below me and the rest of the class, let out gasps of surprise (well apart from the Slytherins who were laughing their heads off!) Neville sped through the air crashing into walls and turning upside down until his cloak got caught on the spear from one of the stone statues on top of the School. He hung there for a few seconds before his cloak ripped! He fell to the ground with a thud and a broken wrist. Madam Hooch rushed over to Neville before ordering the whole class to not to ride our brooms and then walked him to the hospital wing. As soon as Neville and Madam Hooch had disappeared from sight, Draco  Malfoy picked up the remember ball which had fallen out of Neville’s pocket. He insulted Neville so horribly that Harry Potter yelled at him to give it back so furiously it made me jump! Draco refused, got on his broom and flew up to hover in mid air, he said “what’s the matter Potter, a little out of your reach?” Harry flung himself onto his broomstick, ignored me and Hermione Granger telling him he could be expelled and flew after Draco. 

“Give it back Malfoy or I’ll knock you of your broom!” Harry cried, Draco didn’t listen and instead replied, “have it your way then.” He threw the remember ball which Harry expertly caught. He held it tight, flew towards the ground and when he landed I praised him with the other Gryffindors while Draco and the rest of the Slytherins grouched and grumped. At that moment Professor Minerva Mcgonagall, a tall witch with black hair pulled into a tight bun and spectacles, came rushing out of the castle. “Mr Potter would you please come with me,” she said hastily. Draco smirked thinking Harry was getting expelled whilst me and the other Gryffindors exchanged worried looks. Harry followed Professor Mcgonagall into the castle out of sight and that was when I decided to keep my ears and eyes open  just in case he wasn’t expelled. I was really disappointed that when Madam Hooch got back, class was over and I had to walk back up to the school, to potions class without even sitting on a broomstick. I would have done what Neville did and brake my wrist just to get a ride on one! But never mind, I guess it was quite an interesting lesson! But next Monday, I’m so getting on a broomstick, you’ll see!


As the flying lesson began, I would feel excited. Also, a shake of terror would cross my mind. When I was told to fly, I was afraid that I might fall off. I would feel apprehensive because I may break an arm! 

How would you feel as you gave the ‘Up’ command?

I would feel horrified since the ‘up’ instruction made the broomstick wobble around. In a storm, yes a storm, it feels like it’s a storm because it was rocking side to side.I may not be on it yet, but soon I will be. Getting it to go up was hard enough. “Up, up!” was all you could hear until everyone had their broom in their hands. 

How would you feel as you got on your broomstick?

As I got on my broomstick, I couldn’t stop panicking. But soon I got the hang of it  that the broom normally does as it's told. While I tried to stay calm, the broomstick kept shaking non stop so I hoped and hoped that the Professor would say we could fly.

How would you feel as it started to fly?

Once I had climbed on the broomstick, clinging on tight, ‘WHOOSH!’, I was soaring through the air after kicking my feet off the ground. I felt my face would go white since not many other students could fly. It was excellent, flying in the sky once I believed I could do it. As I got the hang of it, tears of happiness fell down my face.  

How would you feel when it came back to land?
While it’s going down to land, “What happens if I crash!” I thought.  When I was on the ground, I felt relieved and wanted to have another go a different day to get better and better.


Miss Hooch came marching through the Hogwarts courtyard. She has short spiky hair and piercing eyes. We all lined up as Miss Hooch barked her orders at us. It was only Gryffindor and Slitherin who were at this lesson, to learn how to handle our broomsticks.

She lined us up in our house groups and we nervously stood next to our brooms. None of us had ever held a broomstick which could fly. I was scared because I am afraid of heights. 

We did exactly what Miss Hooch asked us to do, which was shout “Up” to your broom. Mine shot up in the air and straight into my grasp. I looked up when Miss Hooch snapped at Neville Longbottom. He was floating in the air. His broomstick went crazy!
Suddenly, Longbottom shot up into the sky, when his broom decided to fly right over the school. Gryffindor and Slitherin were both in shock. Longbottom was thrown around before he lost his grip and fell. Luckily his school gown caught on a flagpole to cushion his fall. Sadly he broke his wrist when he finally hit the ground. Miss Hooch stopped barking her orders and took him off to Hogwarts hospital.


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