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Bransgore Church of England Primary School

The concentric heart model suggests that love and acceptance of oneself are foundational to extending love and support to others in the community and, consequently, to the wider world. This concept aligns with the idea that self-actualisation and spiritual development often stem from a deep understanding and appreciation of one's own worth and identity.

In the context of Bransgore Church of England Primary School and its "candle moment," which symbolises a pivotal moment of self-realisation or spiritual awakening, the concentric heart model can be applied in the following way:

The Mirror: Self-Love and Acceptance

   At the core of the model lies self-love and acceptance. The mirror represents the process of ‘looking in’—a time for self-improvement and reflection. Individuals must first come to terms with and appreciate their own worth, strengths, and vulnerabilities. This internal acceptance lays the groundwork for personal growth and spiritual development.


The Window: Community Support and Connection

   Once individuals have cultivated a sense of self-love, the next stage is represented by the window, which encourages ‘looking out’ and considering the ‘wow’ moments in life. At this stage, individuals are better equipped to extend empathy, compassion, and support to others within their community. This reciprocal relationship fosters a sense of belonging and interconnectedness, strengthening bonds and nurturing a supportive environment for personal growth.

The Door: Expanding Love to the Wider World

   The door signifies moving onward with practical action for the future. As individuals develop a deep sense of self-love and establish supportive connections within their community, they become more inclined to extend their love and compassion beyond their immediate surroundings. This outward expansion of love encompasses not only individuals within their community but also extends to humanity as a whole, fostering a sense of global solidarity and interconnectedness.


The Candle: Reflection and Spiritual Awakening

   The candle moment at Bransgore Church of England Primary School represents a symbolic turning point or awakening in this journey toward spiritual growth. It signifies a moment of illumination, introspection, and personal transformation. Here, individuals reflect and think spiritually, realising the importance of self-love, community support, and extending love to others in fostering their spiritual development and achieving their fullest potential.

This progression—from the mirror to the window, the door, and finally the candle—illustrates a comprehensive approach to spiritual awakening, encompassing self-reflection, awe and wonder, practical action, and deep spiritual reflection.