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Letters Home
We try our best to communicate with parents with information you will find useful and to keep you up to date about what is happening in school. To help protect the environment letters are sent home via email and alerts/information are sent home via text but this only works if we have your latest contact information, please remember to inform the school office of changes.  A hard copy of letters can be collected from the school office if preferred.  Alternatively you can also download our free app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to receive our letters and alerts automatically.

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  • 29 Mar 2020
    Dear Children,

    I thought I would write you a letter to show you that I am thinking of you lots and miss not having you all in school every day.
    You all know that there is this yucky virus going around at the moment. Everyone wants to keep you safe and as you all know, as Headteacher, that’s my main job. The Prime Minister and his scientists have decided school pupils need to stay away from each other just for now, some of you are doing this at home and a small number of you are coming in to school while your grown ups keep working on important jobs looking after people and keeping things going. You are all amazing VIPs whether you are at home or still coming to school. Our school family is still made of the same people but a little bit different at the moment. You are still part of your class, of Planet Team or Jungle Team and of our school.
    Most of you now have home grown-ups as your new teachers which is very different and exciting! Be kind to them and listen as carefully as you do to your school grown-ups. They think they are new to the job, but actually they have been the most amazing teachers to you since the day you were born. They are also being amazing because lots of your grown ups will still be trying to do their own work to earn money and teach you at the same time. That is a really tricky thing to do so please be the most kind, helpful and hard working as you can be. Try to be a brilliant learner by yourself as much as you can. You know we love it when you are an independent learner at school so show your grown ups at home how well you can get on by yourself and don’t ask for help unless you are really stuck. This will really help your grown ups to get on with their work too.
    Your grown-ups at school all miss you very much, but just because we can’t see or hear you, doesn’t mean we are not thinking about and missing you every single day. I wanted to let you know that we will be sending messages and keeping in touch. We’ll be planning some new learning to add to what you are doing already and we hope you’ll let us know how you’re doing. If you are a Lion or Tiger please put your learning adventures on Tapestry, if you are an older pupil ask your grown ups to post on our Twitter feed or send an e-mail to your teacher if you do something that you would like to show everyone. Don’t forget we’re as excited about any Lego models, drawings and cooking as we are about your beautiful handwriting and tricky number work. Keep singing, playing, making, drawing, writing and problem-solving, exercising and learning about our amazing world.
    Don’t be frightened. You may hear some things that you are worried about, but these worries are not for you. Tell someone you trust about your worry and let them look after it for you. I am including something that you might like to look at with your grown ups if you are ever feeling a little bit worried -
    We are all having a big adventure, and like all good adventurers, we need to be brave.
    Keep washing those hands, just as we have taught you to.
    Stay safe, stay well and we all look forward to seeing you again soon,
    Love from Mr Brown and everyone at Bransgore Primary School xxx

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