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Growing in the forest

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This area is where we share our class work and experiences with the wider community. 

Year 6 Leavers 2024

Our prayer to our Year 6 leavers 2024, as they leave us for the next chapter in their education adventure:

Dear God,

We come to you with open hearts and minds,

Thankful for the love and kindness you show us every day.

Help us to reflect this love in all we do,

To be kind to our friends, family, and everyone we meet.

Grant us the strength to be leaders,

To inspire others with our actions and words,

And to make a positive difference in our schools, communities, and the world.

Show us how to stand up for what is right,

To be brave and compassionate in times of need,

And to use our unique gifts to help those around us.

May we always remember that small acts of kindness

Can grow into great waves of change,

And that each of us has the power

To make the world a better place through our leadership.

Guide us, dear Lord, as we strive to follow your example,

To be beacons of love and kindness,

And to lead with integrity, wisdom, and grace.


Forest walk

On Friday, 7th June, the Year 6 children showcased their strength and resilience by completing a challenging 10km walk around Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary. The walk not only tested their physical endurance but also provided them with an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of the sanctuary, fostering a sense of perseverance and teamwork.


Team Building with AFCB

On Wednesday, 26th June, the education team from AFC Bournemouth visited the school to conduct a football-based team-building session. This engaging activity helped the children develop their collaboration and communication skills through various football drills and games, reinforcing the importance of teamwork and mutual support in achieving common goals.

Year 6 Tank Museum 

11th June 2024

Our trip to The Tank Museum at Bovington was a memorable and educational experience. The children had the opportunity to explore exhibits showcasing tanks from the last 100 years, gaining insights into their development and historical significance. Additionally, they attended an interactive talk about life in Britain during World War 2, which provided a vivid picture of the home front and wartime society. Another highlight was a session on conscription and life in the trenches during World War 1, offering a poignant understanding of the soldiers’ experiences. Overall, the visit was enriching, combining hands-on learning with engaging historical presentations.