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Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

Topic Learning 9th June 2020

Louise Lawrence (admin) on: Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

The children have been enjoying their topic learning and exploring the wider curriculum.  They have been thinking about the Norman Conquest in history and the growth of plants in science.



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Character description 5th June 2020

Louise Lawrence (admin) on: Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

Today the children have been thinking about the characters from Harry Potter.


Hagrid is a gentle giant and is about 9 feet tall. He’s very wide too and would fill the doorway. He has chestnut brown eyes, long shaggy hair and a big bushy beard. He wears very scruffy looking clothes and a big coat that reaches the floor. He is a very smiley and happy giant and is very kind and generous to everyone, although he can be tough when he needs to be. He supports Professor Dumbledore completely and looks after Harry Potter. 

He also loves creatures and has a wild variety of pets, from Norbert the baby Dragon to Buckbeak the Gryphon. He also has a giant dog called Fang, who is a lot like Hagrid as he is very soft, gentle and huge! Hagrid always sees the best in people and animals and even befriends a giant spider called Eragon, and a three headed dog called Fluffy.

Hagrid is the groundsman for Hogwarts and lives in the school grounds in a small round hut beside the forbidden forest. The inside of his home is as messy as he is himself, full of clutter and bits and bobs. 

Hagrid has a country accent and likes to smile and laugh. He is also quite forgetful and isn’t very good at keeping secrets. He is often meeting strangers and buying curious animals from them!

I like Hagrid. He is a brilliant friend to have.


When we first meet Neville Longbottom in first year he struggles doing the simplest of spells and tying his shoe-laces! He has shortish black hair that does not look very tidy. He has long features, to fit with his name!  He has the sort of face that is easy to overlook in a crowd. He is quite tall but he still has not learnt to stand up to bullies, like Professor Snape and Malfoy. He is very good at herbology and spends much of his time looking at books about magical plants. He has a badly behaved toad called Trevor, who is always running off. 

In the later books we learn much more about Neville. He has been brought up by his Nan, as both his parents were in Saint Mungo’s hospital. His Nan was worried that he was a squib, because he showed very little magic as a child. His Nan worries about him because of his poor memory so she sends him rememberalls to help him remember things.

In the later books Neville is one of the five people who destroys a Horcrux. This takes an amazing amount of bravery, courage and skill. These are all skills that Neville develops as he moves through the years at Hogworts helped by his friends, especially Harry. He loved being part of Dunmbledor’s army, and that is when he started to understand magic. His memory seems to get much better as he leads Dumbledors army when Harry, Ron and Hermione are not in Hogworts.
I love his character as he shows us how much people can change and how quiet, unassuming people can become heroes over time. My favourite thing that he says in reply to Harry asking how he is feeling mid battle is “I have never felt better, I feel asif i could spit fire!”


Victor Crum  has light, black hair. It is short and shaved close to his skin. He has piercing blue eyes as light as the sea. He has a smartly, shaved beard and has a death eater tattoo.

Victor has big broad shoulders, he is very fast and athletic. He wears smart clothing and big, shiny leather boots. Victor Crum wears a smart jacket that's red and has gold buttons down the middle of it. 
Victor often carries a gold stick, it is shiny and looks cool. Victor has the reputation of being the best seeker in the world! There is no one faster than him when he is playing Quidditch. He also plays for gryffindor, the same as Harry.

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Madame Hooch's Broomstick Lesson 3rd June 2020

Louise Lawrence (admin) on: Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

This week the children have been thinking about the Harry Potter books.  Today they have imagined what it would feel like to take part in their first broomstick lesson.


Before the lesson, I felt determined and excited as I was about to ride a broomstick for the first time ever!! My teacher was Madam Hooch, a slim witch with short grey hair and piercing yellow eyes. As I stood on the front lawn of Hogwarts castle staring at my broom, Madam Hooch told us to hold our right hand over the broom and say “UP!” very firmly. I did just this and to my surprise it flew up into my hand. When everyone had there right hand clasped round their brooms, Madam Hooch gave out our next instruction: she wanted us to mount them!! I got into position, but before Madam Hooch could press the whistle to her lips, Neville Longbottom became suspended in mid air, on his broom. Madam Hooch demanded Neville to come back down to the ground but as soon as she did this his broomstick went HAYWIRE! Neville zoomed round and round the castle letting out shrieks of panic while down below me and the rest of the class, let out gasps of surprise (well apart from the Slytherins who were laughing their heads off!) Neville sped through the air crashing into walls and turning upside down until his cloak got caught on the spear from one of the stone statues on top of the School. He hung there for a few seconds before his cloak ripped! He fell to the ground with a thud and a broken wrist. Madam Hooch rushed over to Neville before ordering the whole class to not to ride our brooms and then walked him to the hospital wing. As soon as Neville and Madam Hooch had disappeared from sight, Draco  Malfoy picked up the remember ball which had fallen out of Neville’s pocket. He insulted Neville so horribly that Harry Potter yelled at him to give it back so furiously it made me jump! Draco refused, got on his broom and flew up to hover in mid air, he said “what’s the matter Potter, a little out of your reach?” Harry flung himself onto his broomstick, ignored me and Hermione Granger telling him he could be expelled and flew after Draco. 

“Give it back Malfoy or I’ll knock you of your broom!” Harry cried, Draco didn’t listen and instead replied, “have it your way then.” He threw the remember ball which Harry expertly caught. He held it tight, flew towards the ground and when he landed I praised him with the other Gryffindors while Draco and the rest of the Slytherins grouched and grumped. At that moment Professor Minerva Mcgonagall, a tall witch with black hair pulled into a tight bun and spectacles, came rushing out of the castle. “Mr Potter would you please come with me,” she said hastily. Draco smirked thinking Harry was getting expelled whilst me and the other Gryffindors exchanged worried looks. Harry followed Professor Mcgonagall into the castle out of sight and that was when I decided to keep my ears and eyes open  just in case he wasn’t expelled. I was really disappointed that when Madam Hooch got back, class was over and I had to walk back up to the school, to potions class without even sitting on a broomstick. I would have done what Neville did and brake my wrist just to get a ride on one! But never mind, I guess it was quite an interesting lesson! But next Monday, I’m so getting on a broomstick, you’ll see!


As the flying lesson began, I would feel excited. Also, a shake of terror would cross my mind. When I was told to fly, I was afraid that I might fall off. I would feel apprehensive because I may break an arm! 

How would you feel as you gave the ‘Up’ command?

I would feel horrified since the ‘up’ instruction made the broomstick wobble around. In a storm, yes a storm, it feels like it’s a storm because it was rocking side to side.I may not be on it yet, but soon I will be. Getting it to go up was hard enough. “Up, up!” was all you could hear until everyone had their broom in their hands. 

How would you feel as you got on your broomstick?

As I got on my broomstick, I couldn’t stop panicking. But soon I got the hang of it  that the broom normally does as it's told. While I tried to stay calm, the broomstick kept shaking non stop so I hoped and hoped that the Professor would say we could fly.

How would you feel as it started to fly?

Once I had climbed on the broomstick, clinging on tight, ‘WHOOSH!’, I was soaring through the air after kicking my feet off the ground. I felt my face would go white since not many other students could fly. It was excellent, flying in the sky once I believed I could do it. As I got the hang of it, tears of happiness fell down my face.  

How would you feel when it came back to land?
While it’s going down to land, “What happens if I crash!” I thought.  When I was on the ground, I felt relieved and wanted to have another go a different day to get better and better.


Miss Hooch came marching through the Hogwarts courtyard. She has short spiky hair and piercing eyes. We all lined up as Miss Hooch barked her orders at us. It was only Gryffindor and Slitherin who were at this lesson, to learn how to handle our broomsticks.

She lined us up in our house groups and we nervously stood next to our brooms. None of us had ever held a broomstick which could fly. I was scared because I am afraid of heights. 

We did exactly what Miss Hooch asked us to do, which was shout “Up” to your broom. Mine shot up in the air and straight into my grasp. I looked up when Miss Hooch snapped at Neville Longbottom. He was floating in the air. His broomstick went crazy!
Suddenly, Longbottom shot up into the sky, when his broom decided to fly right over the school. Gryffindor and Slitherin were both in shock. Longbottom was thrown around before he lost his grip and fell. Luckily his school gown caught on a flagpole to cushion his fall. Sadly he broke his wrist when he finally hit the ground. Miss Hooch stopped barking her orders and took him off to Hogwarts hospital.

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The Great Kapok Tree - 20th May 2020

Louise Lawrence (admin) on: Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

The children have been writing from the perspective of the man in the jungle explaining why he is leaving.

Lois' postcard

Robbie's postcard

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Book Review - 15th May 2020

Louise Lawrence (admin) on: Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

Zachary's review of Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, by Rick Riordan.

Percy is a normal boy with a normal life, who is struggling at school. But this all changes, when he is chased by a mythical beast, and realises he is the son of a Greek God. Now,  he spends his days training in combat, fighting monsters, and completing quests for the Gods.

This was an exciting read and my favourite book. 

The description of events and the characters, added to the realism and meant I felt like I was there with them.

My favourite part of the book was the journey they had to complete as part of the quest. It was written in a way, that meant it was exciting, tense, and I couldn’t guess what was going to happen. It was full of surprises, which pulled you into the story, and kept me turning the pages.

The writer keeps this level of interest through the whole book, as his description is always amazing. 

The only negative was that some of the mythical/Greek names were hard to pronounce. So needed looking up to know how to say them properly, and what they meant.

I would recommend this book to anyone young or old. But would suggest age 6 plus, as there are some elements that are scary.

It would appeal to people who like myths, legends, action or adventure as it is an exciting read.

I personally enjoyed it as much as the Harry Potter books, and can not wait to read the next one in the series.
If I had to rate it out of ten, I would give it ten!

George's review of  The Ice Monster by David Walliams 

The story:

The story is set in 1890s London when we meet Elsie, a young girl who lives at a horrible orphanage called Wormly Hall ‘home for unwanted children’. She decides to escape and stumbles across a newspaper headline saying “Ice Monster found in the Arctic”, this stirs Elsie’s curiosity and she feels she must find the Ice Monster. After going to the Natural History Museum to find the Ice Monster she finds a friend called Dotty. They manage to bring the Ice Monster back to life and together embark on an amazing adventure to help reunite the Ice Monster with her family.


There are many highlights in this book starting with the incredible illustrations that bring this story to life. Also the characters were so real that when I read this book each night, I felt that I was part of the story. My favourite part of the story was when the characters were on the high seas on the way to the North Pole. It is my favourite part because it was filled with plenty of obstacles that resulted in many consequences. I read this story with my mum every night and it took us on an emotional ride of a lifetime, we shared laughter and tears as we became emotionally involved in the book. The character I felt most connected with was Dotty. She was my favourite because she made me laugh but also her kindness shone through. 

Other highlights of the book are that the chapters are short, which makes reading it in more manageable chunks. It is also educational as it has many facts of what London was like in 1899.

Weak parts:

The story was slow at the start but as soon as we met Dotty it started to become more interesting and more gripping reading. It was disappointing that Raj didn’t have a bigger role in the story as I always enjoy this character when he appears in David Walliams books - he is extremely funny. Although the ending was good it wasn’t what I expected it to be and I was sad when The Ice Monster had to say goodbye to Elsie at the end.


This book took me on an emotional journey as lots happened to Elsie, some of which made me cry but in the end I think Elsie is truly happy and she knows that The Ice Monster is back where she belongs. I would recommend this book to any David Walliams fan. This was one of the greatest books I have ever read and I would rate this book ten out of ten.

Ezra's review of The boy who stopped the waves.

This book is about a boy who had an unusual day from playing at home to shoving his arm in a whole. This book is a possible event that could happen in only one place because of what happens.

I liked how the story rapidly changed from a young boy bringing food to his grandad to him spending the night outside. I like how it's realistic and it's also fiction so if you like realistic fiction this is the book for you. A downside is that it's short but when I read it I got lost in it but not too lost. Many people like fiction and some people like non-fiction. Well this is the book for all but not everyone otherwise it would be weird.

I don’t want to say this but there are many more books that are better. This is a folk tale and it has many names like Peter and the Water wolf. I don't like folk tales because they are very predictable so if you don't like folk tales don’t read it.
I recommend it to seven, eight maybe nine year olds. It is a good book but  only for these ages. I won't discuss the end because I want you to have a go at reading it. Read it yourself you might like it and I said might not will. This book is amazingly short for what I have told you if you like a challenge you might not read this. Now time for a rating out of five I’d give it a three. Please don’t take this rating seriously it's just my opinion.  

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A Narrow Escape - 6th May 2020

Louise Lawrence (admin) on: Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

The children have been writing a story about a prey narrowly escaping from their predator. 

Matthew's tale

In the cold, icy arctic, surrounded by the vast, blue ocean, I tried not to move as I lay helplessly on the tiny iceberg.  Patiently, two whales bobbed up and down floating like an abandoned ship, waiting for their lunch... ME! I lay there feeling afraid and defeated while the  whales hid in the murky depths of the water hungrily staring at me from below. The big, white icebergs that I thought of as home offered me no comfort because they were so far away. 

Suddenly the sun had gone and all was blanketed by darkness. Silently, the whales started to glide through the freezing waters towards me. I closed my eyes as I sensed them getting closer and closer. My heart was pounding like a drum in my blubbery chest.

SPLASH! The two colossal monsters thrust out the dark, freezing water like a jack in a box. Rapidly, the frightening whales swam to me with their killer sized jaws open wide ready to gobble me up…

CRASH! Before I knew what was happening the ice, that had been my bed, shattered and the whales and I were sent flying down deep below the surface. The whales tried to gobble me up and my tail got caught in the biggest one's hungry mouth. This was it .. I felt such sadness ….it was all over for me! Whilst they were doing some sort of underwater victory dance, the giant whales bumped heads with a ferocious bang.  It was such a big and  powerful bump that  the whale unexpectedly dropped me from his menacing jaws. Silently and full of relief,  I swam away in the snap of fingers. 
Feeling dazed and confused, I swam to the surface to breathe before swimming  back home to find  a new place to sleep with my family.  I hoped that would never happen again. 

Evie's tale

My account took place in the scorching plains of Africa, a steep gully and higher land. 

One spectacular Saturday, me and my herd (my herd and I - you always put yourself last) were munching happily away on patches of delicious grass. After a while, I suggested to the others with a grunt, Speech should be on the same line, until you introduce another speaker

“Shall we go down into the gully, it looks like there is some lush grass down there and it is very long. Yummy!”

We hopped into the lower land and started munching quite noisily once again.

Little did we know that, through the long, wavy grass, a beastly leopard was creeping up on us. Suddenly, the leopard did an enormous leap and landed right behind us! We all sprung out of the trench and carried on eating, but on higher ground. I know, we’re silly and CRAZY! 

The leopard pounced out of the place where the lip licking food was and dashed across the field like a bomb being set by a cannon!  Great simile

“RUN!” the chief snorted at the top of his voice. 

By the time we had all got to the other end of the field, the leopard was gone, it had disappeared into thin air. We were all relieved. Feeling terrified, we went back to eating the grass but sadly not in the gully.

“That was a close one,” grunted Bashon the chef of the herd, “We almost got eaten!”

“Yum yum yum!”snorted Angus a bit of a round one. Chef rolled his eyes. Back to eating then I guess. We were all scared for life! At least a minute or two past. Then….

As quick as a flash, the leopard bounded out of the gully and shot around the plain like a bullet! She clawed me round the neck and yanked me down the steep passageway. I kicked and head butted. I did everything I could! The beast ran away worried that I might injure her! I galloped far far away, alongside some of my friends. And of course we saw a predator again so I won’t say we didn’t.But we didn’t see one for a long long long time.

Matilda's tale

It was almost sunset, I had been swimming around the Atlantic all day.I was looking for food for me and my pups. With tired eyes, I looked above the water and I saw a nice spot to rest my head for a while.I felt  exhausted  so I went onto the floating ice slab  for a good nap. 

Suddenly out of nowhere, a strange noise woke me. I opened my eyes quickly  and saw the  tip of a colossal black nose.  With my heart pounding, I heard another sound. There was another black nose! Suddenly, both of their bodies rose  higher out of the water. With hungry eyes, the two killer whales stared back at me from the choppy waves!  Now I really started to panic.

Then both killer whales worked together slamming the ice! My body froze but I gripped onto the ice with all the strength I could find.But because I was too tired, It wasn’t working and I started to slip.  Towards the massive open jaws and red panting  tongue I slipped. Rows of yellow,wood-like teeth surrounded me.I thought to myself this was the end!

Anger started to bubble inside me. ‘Who would look after my pups if I was gone ?’ With all my mighty strength, I started to fight back. Whipping my tail furiously and slamming my nose towards the teeth,I suddenly felt the jaws open.  That was my chance! Quick as a lightning bolt, I wiggled free and sped away into the safe distance, not looking back.

As I got closer to home I felt relieved. Because I had been brave, I was going to snuggle my babies again.I learned that from now on, I would never go so far from home alone again. 

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Five Minutes More Poem

Louise Lawrence (admin) on: Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

1st May

Today the children have had to write a rhyming poem trying to persuade their grown up to stay up for 'Five minutes more'.

Noah's poem

Five minutes, five minutes more, please! Let me stay five minutes more!

Can’t I just finish the chapter,

It’s about a magical door?

Can’t I just sit outside and watch the bats,

Fluttering overhead?

Can’t I just clap the NHS?

I don’t want to go to bed!

Can’t I just do some air hockey,

I want to see who wins?

Can’t I just watch the chiminea,

Or we’ll put the paper in the bins!

Levi's Poem

Five minutes, five minutes more, please! Let me stay five minutes more!

Can’t I just finish building my lego car on the spotty table.

Can't I just finish my vw camper book I  am sure I am able.

Can’t I just  finish writing my diary of the day.

Can’t I just finish making my den that I started in May. 

Can’t I  just finish looking at iPods on ebay.

Can’t I just stay five minutes?

Well can’t I just stay just four?

Three minutes, then? Two minutes?

Can’t I stay one minute more?

Teddy's poem

Five minutes, five minutes more, please! 

Let me stay five minutes more!

Can’t I just play my video game?

To beat my last high score!

Can't I just munch on

One more yummy snack?

Can't I just practice my gymnastics?

I want to land my tuck back

Can't I just look at a couple more stars? 

I've seen a bright light, I think it could be Mars.

Can't I just watch one more episode on T.V?

We need to find out who won The British Sewing Bee.

I'll make you a deal, a real pinky promise!

To go early tomorrow, I promise you! Honest!

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Diary Entry

Louise Lawrence (admin) on: Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

Week commencing 27th April 2020

This week the children have been writing diary entries based on the story they have been reading, Diary of a Lively Labrador. 


Dear Diary, 

Today, I woke up feeling anxious.  Everyday that blimin dog jumps up at me and makes me drop all my letters. I have to spend five minutes picking up all the letters and putting them in the correct order AGAIN - fun hey!

I arrived nervously at the house at 7.30 this morning and thought ‘I dont want to do this!’  I thought about throwing the envelopes on the doorstep and running off quick. 

The dog's owner came out the door and shouted, “Good morning, thanks for the post.”  

I shouted back  cheerfully, “ That's ok, have a lovely day!”  I muttered quietly to myself, ‘I hate that big ugly dog.’  

I then heard the Owner shout, “Boof Head, NOOOOOOO! Come back here this instant!”

I remember clearly that the stupid dog took no notice and ran as fast as he could towards me, bouncing all over the place. 

“Dont do it!  Don't do it!.... Please don't lick me!  It was too late, I was on the floor in a pool of slobber! I hate that dog.  It's starting to annoy me that this happens every day. I keep writing the same thing everyday in this diary.  I think i might have to give up being a postman as i can't handle the slobber!


On Monday I started my round as usual, I was starting to worry about the delivery to number 9. There is a bonkers dog who always leaps up onto me and covers me in brown, sticky mud!

I approached the door with fear but remained brave and rang the bell. At first things looked okay, the lovely lady who lives there came to the door and there was no sign of the monster!

“I have your milk … aaaaaggggghhhhhh!” I screamed, the monster had appeared! I have to say the lady tries hard to grab the monster, but she never manages it before he leaps past and directly at me!

“I’m so sorry about Boof head, he is just so excited to see you” “. Inside now you stupid dog, honestly you are such a pain!” ( If the same speaker is carrying on to a second sentence, you just use a full stop and put the 99 right at the end of both sentences.)

Inside my head I was actually thinking, yes he is a pain and you need to put him on a lead, however she did look sorry and it isn’t really her fault her dog is out of control, so I said oh ha ha, don’t worry about it, it’s nice that someone is pleased to see me!”

After that her face changed and she looked less worried “Lovely weather we’re having ” she pointed out.

“Much nicer for me ” I replied. “It’s a bit of pain delivering in the rain, much prefer the sunshine!”

Tuesday was a much better day, for a start I didn’t have a delivery to number 9 so the monster couldn’t pounce on me! Then I remembered,  I did have a drop off at number 16 and the kind lady there always gives me a piece of her homemade cake, which is usually mouth wateringly delicious .,  as expected it was! lemon drizzle isn’t really my favourite but this was no ordinary lemon drizzle. “It’s not my best effort ” she said, well if that wasn’t her best effort I can’t imagine how scrumptious that would be.

“A total delight as always ” I cheerily shouted in response.

After my round,  I was feeling full of cake so decided to go for a walk in the park. It was another lovely day so I thought I would make the most of it. I was just about to drop off for a little snooze when I heard a big commotion, I looked up, just at the wrong moment and who should leap out of the pond dripping wet and land directly on my lap……. the monster! Thinking about it, maybe Tuesday wasn’t such a good day after all. I hope Wednesday is better, full of sunshine and wet dog free.


Diary of the milkman.

I was driving along in my milk-float, with all the bottles in the back jingling merrily! All my bottles were sectioned off into full-fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk. A little boy ran across the road right in front of me so that i had to use my brakes in a way that meant a row of bottles fell over, like dominoes, and they smashed! Luckily they were just back up milk, but i would have to be careful not to spill any more!

I called over to the boy and shouted at him “Watch where you are going!”

“Sorry!” the boy called back.

I got out of my van at number 88 and I braced myself for I knew what was coming!

I took the milk out that I would need and began to walk towards the steps. Just as I was about to open the door, the dog came running out! He bounced up on me and I had to begin to juggle the milk bottles. 

 “Bravo!” The owner of the labrador shouted.

I lost my concentration and I dropped the milk on the labrador’s head! He looked up in shock and ran back inside, really scared!

The owner chuckled, “Don't worry, I only need one pint of milk anyway!”

The rest of the round was a bit more successful and there were no more lively labradors!

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My family poem

Louise Lawrence (admin) on: Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

Week commencing 20th April 2020

The children have written ‘fictional’ poems about their families. 

Layla’s poem

My family have been so annoying during the last week of lockdown because...

My sister did not let me play with the dollies

My dogs kept barking at the tractors in the field behind my house

My mum did not let me play on her phone

My dad told me off for leaving mess all over the floor

My cats took up the whole of the sofa when they came in, in the evenings

But I would not change anything 

Blake’s poem

My family was so annoying yesterday

Firstly my brother made me play cricket

Then my Mum said she’d chuck my ipad out of the window then swore

My Dad kissed my Mum in front of me

My Grandma forgot to bring the chocolates

My Grumps told a story over and over again

And my Uncle pushed me off the bed. 

But today I wouldn't swap them for anything.

Neve’s poem

My family were so annoying yesterday

My mum ate all the chocolate and I found the wrappers

My dad hid the iPad so we wouldn’t argue

My brother made me play football then kicked it over the fence

Olivia the guinea pig escaped from her pen so I shouted to dad who chased her back again

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Perseus and the Gorgon’s Head

Louise Lawrence (admin) on: Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

Week Commencing 20th April 2020

This week the children have been retelling the story of Perseus and Medusa.

Chloe’s retelling 

I was in my cave when all of a sudden I froze in silence. I could hear footsteps from far away. From the large mouth of my dark cave I could hear somebody calling my name, I could hear deep breathing and the footsteps getting closer. The snakes on my head started to hiss and slither.

I heard a deep throaty voice from the back of my cave. It sounded like a man. The voice said “I am Perseus.” I giggled and replied “ Have you come to see me?” As I said this as I stepped into the light to see Perseus.

Perseus wouldn't look at me and he wouldn’t look in my eyes instead he used my reflection in his shield.                                                                                                                                       

My hair is so full of snakes they could cover my face because it is full of them., after I did one of my evil laughs it normally scares people away as I think I am scary, I thought he would run straight away because I am so scary but he didn’t.

Perseus continued to look at my reflection in his polished bronze shield. I watched as he lifted his sword. I cried “Look at me. Look at me!” Perseus still kept his eyes on the shield, and stepped further into my cave. Now my reflection was huge, the snake's teeth snarling at him.

“Look at me. Look at me.” I shouted. How could he find me when all he could see was my reflection.

“Yes that's right. Look at me !” I cried. I was now worried he was going to kill me.Perseus swung his sword wildly, with a despairing cry. I felt the sword bite my neck, my blood spouted out, and my body crumbled to the floor.

Hattie’s retell 

As I carefully climbed down the slimy rocks I could see the bowed entrance to the cave. It looked dark and gloomy. I hesitated for a moment but then forced myself to continue my daring quest. Every now and then I would see mighty stone soldiers with open mouths and scared faces covered with their hands. This shook my nerves. There were even frightened women and children turned to stone which made me furious and more determined than ever to complete my mission.

As I crept near the cave entrance I clutched my golden shield so tightly my knuckles turned white. As I stepped into the cave the air around me turned icy cold.

I heard breathing and hissing. As I came closer I saw a black figure arising from the wet cave floor.

I forced myself to look away only looking at Medusa from the shimmering reflection in my shield. The scaly, green snakes started to hiss louder but I stepped closer still. I knew I only had one shot at killing the evil Gorgon. Medusa snarled “Look at me, look at me!”

I forced myself to not look at her in the eyes and I swung my sword behind my head. I had one last doubt, I was looking at the reflection of her. How could I make the deadly strike when all I could see was her reflection? But then I put these thoughts to the back of my mind and swung my sword with all my might. As her head rolled onto the floor, the body collapsed onto the cold, hard, wet ground.

I felt elated but drained at what I had achieved.

Harry’s retelling

Today I, Perseus went to visit my mother and step father Polydectes. He is the evil King of the Island Seriphos, today he asked me to undertake the deadly mission to the monster named Medusa. I have been told that Medusa is one of three Gorgon sisters that have snakes on their head as hair that can make you instantly turn to stone, they have brass claws , boar tusks and golden wings, they are supposed to be very evil. I am feeling very brave, a little bit scared but I am going to take down Medusa.

When I left Mothers I decided I needed to see the Gods, when I arrived I saw Athena, Hermes and three nymphs. They offered to help me, Athena gave me a very shiny bronze shield and Hermes gave me a sword, he told me that it could not be bent by the Gorgon sisters. Then the nymphs gave me presents, they gave me winged shoes so that I could fly, a cap that made me invisible and a bag to carry Medusa's head, yuk!

I still didn’t know where the Gorgons were hiding, so after lunch I had to visit the aged ones. The aged ones are three sisters that only had one eye and one tooth between them, I decided to wear my invisible cap so I could snatch the eye away while they were passing it to each other, this worked very well. Once I had the slimy eyeball I demanded that they tell me where Medusa was or I going to squash their eyeball. The sisters decided to tell me where to find her.

So I arrived at Medusa's secret hiding place, it was a very dark cave. As I entered I quickly put on my invisible cap, I  had to use the shiny bronze shield so I could use the reflection to see which sister was Medusa. I had to use the shield because if she looked at me she would have turned me to stone, luckily all the sisters were asleep. I quickly spotted Medusa, using the reflection, I swiftly cut off her head and put it straight in the bag. The sisters were so angry I had to use my flying shoes to get away very fast.

When I got home the evil Polydectes was surprised to see me and said “what's in that bag Perseus?” So I showed him what was in the bag and guess what...he turned to stone! So that got rid of him and now I can use Medusa's head to help me in future battles against the evil people.  

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