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ECO Updates:


Welcome to The Bransgore Eco Team Blog!

Here you can keep updated on our many Eco Projects in school and maybe even find ideas to try at home!


This month we took part in the Big School’s Birdwatch.  Mrs Fletcher took out small groups of children from each class to birdwatch on the school grounds for 10- 20 minute sessions.  Once we had an hour of birdwatching data we made bar charts, pictograms and then shared our results with the RSPB.  Years 5 and 6 also joined in with Mr Richards.

Thank you to all of you who took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch at home too we received some lovely pictures from you and they are currently on display in school.


The Green Tree School’s Award.      silver award 

In January Lions and Tigers have completed the ‘Tree Champion Challenge’ by designing tree champions in a range of media, gaining us a further 2 points towards the GOLD award


In February Year 5 completed the ‘Shakespeare Challenge’ and found many plants mentioned in A Midsummer Night’s Dream! 



Mrs Pollitt and Mr Green have now completed the ‘Woodland Ambassador Challenge’ as part of the Hedgerow Heroes project.  This means that we will have earnt enough points to get us the GOLD AWARD!!


 22.2.22 (Twos Day! Which also happens to be a Tuesday!!)

We were officially awarded our Gold Award Today!!              

Congratulations everyone!! This has been a whole school effort, with every class contributing towards the award in a different way! Next Step... The Platinum Award (which comes with a beautiful wooden plaque!)


Next half term we are planning to have a uniform sale.  This will mean re-using our old uniforms, reducing waste, and reducing costs for parents.  We hope to raise some money to go towards a plastic green house!

Maybe you could have a uniform sort out over the half term?








Lollipop Hedges

Posted: Jan 28, 2022 by: David Green (dgreen) on: Hedgerow Heroes

Darren from the Hinton Admiral Estate and Natalie from CPRE explained about the problem of poorly maintained hedges. When hedges aren't looked after properly they become "Lollipop Hedges" - all the new growth is at the top and the bottom is bare. This makes them less effective as barriers and means they are not as attractive to birds and other wildlife. A wide variety of animals live in hedgerows and use them as the motorways of the countryside, allowing them to move around safely as they forage for food. Lollipop Hedges leave wildlife more exposed to predators and the fields more exposed to wind and rain, leading to soil erosion. The CPRE Hedgerow Heroes campaign and the Hinton Admiral Estate are working together to improve or replace Lollipop Hedgerows. You can find out lots more about Hedgerows at the CPRE website CPRE Hedgerow Heroes campaign 



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