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School Direct is a popular choice for those who hope to secure a role in the network of schools where they train. All previous successful trainees, who have wished to teach on completion of the course, have secured employment at the end of the course (SCSCITT). Where possible, we look to provide opportunities for SD students to be considered for teaching vacancies within our partnership. Feedback from headteacher's in our partnership have always been very positive with comments made in relation to our newly qualified teachers being well prepared to begin their careers in teaching. 


Teachers’ salaries

When you choose to become a teacher, you’ll be joining a profession that offers a competitive starting salary with plenty of opportunity for career progression. This means you’ll not only be making a difference, but you’ll be rewarded for your contributions with excellent opportunities to climb the career ladder and receive pay rise.

As a newly qualified teacher, you’ll begin on a salary of at least £24,373, or £30,480 in inner London. As you rise up the pay ranges, you could earn as much as £121,749 as a headteacher, in inner London.

Schools now have more freedom to develop their own pay policies to attract and retain the teachers that have the greatest impact on their pupils’ learning. So what you’re paid will be linked to performance and not length of service – meaning you can increase your salary faster than ever before.

View the table below for teachers’ pay ranges for 2019/2020 (revised annually)

  England and Wales
(excluding London and fringes)
Inner London Outer London London fringe
Max £114,060 £121,749 £117,287 £115,188
Min £46,457 £54,223 £49,714 £47,592
Leading practitioners
Max £62,735 £70,540 £66,012 £63,874
Min £41,267 £49,065 £44,541 £42,403
Upper pay ranges
Max £40,490 £49,571 £44,541 £41,635
Min £37,654 £45,713 £41,419 £38,797
Main pay ranges
Max £35,971 £41,483 £40,035 £37,152
Min £24,373 £30,480 £28,355 £25,543
Unqualified teachers
Max £27,965 £32,515 £31,290 £29,123
Min £17,682 £22,237 £21,004 £18,844

Additional rewards

There are other great benefits available including:

  • holidays – you’ll get more days than many people in other professions, though full-time teachers work for 195 days per year in school, and tend to do some work during their holidays
  • a generous pension – when you’re employed as a teacher you’ll automatically become a member of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme
  • special educational needs (SEN) allowance – if you work as a qualified teacher with pupils with SEN, you could be eligible for an SEN allowance of no less than £2,209 and no more than £4,359 per annum
  • teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments – additional money if you take on more responsibilities

There are two main ranges for TLR payments – TLR 1 and TLR 2. If you take on sustained extra responsibilities, you could be eligible for a salary uplift within one of these ranges, depending on the category your duties come under:

TLR 1 max TLR 1 min TLR 2 max TLR 2 min
£13,654 £8,069 £6,829 £2,796