Ringwood Road, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 8JH


Bransgore Church Of England Primary School

Growing in the forest

We have a very talented, happy team of staff at Bransgore Primary School, everyone in the team works hard to support the children in all aspects of their school lives.

Teaching Staff at Bransgore Primary School:     

Headteacher / Safeguarding Lead - Mr P Brown

Deputy Headteacher / Safeguarding Lead - Mrs N Pollitt

Assistant Headteacher - Mr D Green

  Senior Teacher - Mrs V NYLAND

SENCO:  KS1 - Miss N Cox / KS2 - Miss A Gibaud

School Direct ITECO - Mrs J Maddams

Jungle Team - Years Foundation, Years 1 and 2 (KS1):

Lion Class  - Foundation - Miss N Cox

Tiger Class - Foundation - Mr de Lancy Green

Giraffe Class - Year 1/2 - Mrs H Kirby and Mrs L Robertson 

Zebra Class - Year 1/2 - Mrs S Cobb and Mrs V Nyland

Panther Class - Years 1/2 - Miss J Thompson

Planet Team - Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 (KS2):                        

Mercury Class - Years 3 & 4 - Mr A Richards

Jupiter Class - Years 3 & 4 - Mrs A Mayall and Mrs V Nyland

Mars Class - Years 3 & 4 - Mrs E Emecz and Mrs S Waite

Saturn Class - Years 5 & 6 - Miss A Gibaud

Pluto Class - Years 5 & 6 - Miss B Fitzpatrick

Neptune Class - Years 5 & 6 - Mr D Green

Teacher Assistants at Bransgore Primary School:   

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs H Brad

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs H Collins

Learning Support Assistant/ Sports - Mrs H Davis

Higher Level Teacher Assistant - Mrs K Diment

Learning Support Assistant/Librarian - Mrs E Staddon

Learning Support Assistant  - Mrs M Hinds

Higher Level Teacher Assistant - Mrs C Hughes

Learning Support Assistant/ELSA - Mrs J Kimber

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs L Pitcaithley

Learning Support  Assistant - Mrs N Todman

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs D Welch

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs L Wheeler

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs S Swann

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs R Sands

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs S Wynn-Hughes

Statistician - Mrs S Sampson

                 Support Staff at Bransgore Primary School:             

Finance Manager - Mrs K Swift

Finance Officer / ICT - Miss R Pidgley

Admissions/Attendance Officer - Mrs P Saunders

Administrator - Mrs L Lawrence 

Site Manager - Mr M Saunders

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor  - Mrs L Wheeler

Lunchtime Assistants - Mrs K Rossiter

Lunchtime Assistants - Mrs C Thomas

Lunchtime Assistants - Mrs F Woodrough

Kitchen Supervisor - Mrs P Payne

Kitchen Assistant - Mrs S Rostigina

Kitchen Assistant - Mrs K Clarke

                Breakfast & After School Club                                                  

After School Club Leader - Mrs L Wheeler

After School Club Leader - Ms P Payne 

Breakfast Club Leader - Mrs R Sands

Breakfast Club Leader - Ms V Lloyd

After School Club & Breakfast Club Leader - Mrs S Thomas