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Portal Stories - Home Learning 21st January 2021

Posted: Jan 28, 2021 by: A Richards (arichards) on: Mars, Mercury & Jupiter

This week the children have been using the inspiration of The Tunnel by Anthony Browne to write their own portal stories.  They were all fantastic, here are just a few.  Including one that has been turned into a Hollywood Movie. 

An adventure by Leo


An adventure by Layla

In a land far far away from here was a village. It was no ordinary village.It was all made out of food !!! The houses were made out of gingerbread, the mud was made out of rocky road chocolate . I know YUM and the bushes were made out of. Wait for it ...spinach  I know boring but it would be a good source of iron 

 If you were allowed to eat it.

On candy cane lane house 49 there lived a gingerbread girl called gingy .Gingy was a quiet character who never got up to mischief in her life. She lived with her mum Sweetie and her dad coco.

One summer's evening she was on a walk in the woods. In the distance  there was a strange shape as she got closer she realised it was a snake,it  was an unusual coloured  snake It was blue and red with pink polkadots .

The snake said in a husky voice “ eat the chocolate” as Gingy always does what people tell her. She ate the chocolate and was instantly banished into the human world.

Finally when she woke up she was in the middle of a busy road. Suddenly a boy ran into the middle of the road and took Gingy carefully to the side of the road. 

The boy whispered in a curious voice “ who are you?” he exclaimed “ and what are you doing here?”. Gingy replied “ I ate some chocolate and got banished into the human world, please help me get home '' she said worryingly.  Soon after,Gingy worked out the boys name was Alex.

All of a sudden an idea popped into his head “ i know ” he shouted “ i think i know of a portal but i'm not sure

 where it takes you but we can try”. They travelled to a big well they both jumped down the well, they were terrified and began to scream.  When Gingy woke up she was in her bed soon enough she realised it was all a dream or was it? she wondered.

An adventure by Henry

At Henry's home it was a grey, wet, soggy day and Henry and Monty were having a fierce argument. They were fighting over a brown soft Curly teddy.  Henry wanted it to play Lego but on the other hand Monty wanted it to play battles.  They didn't always argue because the two were best friends, although they were different in many ways. Henry was a loud boy and adventurous but Monty was quiet and liked staying indoors more.

“Stop arguing and go outside to play” shouted Henry's mother.

Henry asked “do you want to go on an adventure?”

Monty stuttered “n no you can't there might be soldiers or tanks or anything in those woods.”

Impatiently, Henry urged Monty to follow him into the dark scary haunted woods next to Henry's house.  They went deeper and deeper until they could no longer see Henry's home.

Henry immediately asked “Monty lets go and find some deer antlers so we could sell them and you could buy some battleships.”

Monty said excitedly “Oh yes c'mon then!”

Henry knew the woods like the back of his hand and often found the most enormous antlers. Henry quickly went running off into the bracken and Monty followed him, not knowing where Henry's was going to take him. They arrived by a stream.

Monty asked “where are we Henry, are the deer antlers here?”

Henry replied “Yes they have to be here because this is the type of season January lets go and have a look.”

They looked everywhere for them but no antlers could be found. The two looked in bushes and just as Henry moved some branches, a small, dark tunnel appeared.  Henry was so excited.

“Come on Monty, let’s go on an adventure and see what's on the other side”.

“I don't want to, it looks too scary” Monty was trembling.

Henry disappeared through the tunnel.  Monty was all alone. What should he do? He couldn't go back as he didn't know the woods. He reluctantly followed his curious friend.

Suddenly they heard a loud gun shot then another and another they wondered where they were.

Monty asked Henry “where are we?”

Henry replied “I don't know?”

Henry said “let's  look around.”

So they wandered around to see where they were. As they were looking around on the dirty muddy track an old fashion truck came down it.

Henry shouted loudly “Monty get out of the way!”

They jumped in a bunch of bracken and saw all of the trucks coming down the track.

Monty looking puzzled asked “why are there soldiers on the back of the trucks is there a war coming?”

Henry's said “i think we're clear”

Monty replied and said “maybe we should stay in the Brackon”

Henry said “yes that would be a good idea”

As they crouched in the Brackon quietly they bumped into a soldier who was doing training and they runned  as fast as they could like a rabbit. They runned back into the Brackon.

Monty said panting like a dog “We need to be a bit careful”

Henry replied huffing and puffing “yes i think your right there”

Suddenly they heard a deep loud noise coming over their head up high and they saw German bombers coming over the woods. They had to tell the military camp to defend their base.

Henry shouted to Monty and said “do you think we should go and warn the camp of the attack!”

Monty nodded they runned back through the orangey reddish brown Brackon towards the camp once the two got there they the cook was cooking and he tried to stop the two but we were to quick.Monty saw a man in a green dress what had medals on and a commander hat.

Henry asked Monty ``Is that the commander?”

“Yes I saw it in my book”replied Monty

The two friends runned to the commander.

Monty asked the commander politely “sir there German bombers coming over the forest we need to shoot them down”

The commander said in shock “who are you two young children doing here and how do you know we're going to be attacked?”

Henry Shouted at him and said ``We were in the woods and saw them!”

The commander got out of his shelter and shouted to all of the soldiers to defend the base. The soldiers got in guns and tanks as the Germans came over. They were shooting up into the sky to shoot them down. It was very noisy.

Me and Monty ran to safety. I see the tunnel again but quickly an explosion exploded right in front of us Monty  falls into a bomb crater I look behind me but Monty isn't there Monty shouts and shouts saying “Henry!”I look around me but I hear his voice. I find him and I try to reach down to hold on. Monty tries to reach too finally I got it.

We ran back onto the tunnel and we landed in our woods again there was no aeroplanes, no camp, nothing but my woods. 

Henry said happily “were back home”

And we go back home for lunch.

An adventure by Noah

A long time ago, there lived two children who had so few similarities that you would never guess that they were brother and sister. The only things that they both liked doing were reading and seeing granny in her oak tree. I’m glad we don’t live in a tree but in a house which is in a village which is on the edge of the woods which is where granny lives which is where a baker cut us (me and granny) out of a wolf. You might have guessed by now that I am Scarlet. More commonly known as Little Red Riding Hood. What you probably don’t know is that I have a very annoying little brother named Ryan who is so  troublesome I doubt he wouldn’t be kicked out of a monkey enclosure. My hobbies are bird watching and making dens, whereas his are playing forts (taking over my dens and making them his without asking or telling me) and annoying me.

One cloudy morning, mother sent us out together. There are many lakes where we live and Ryan wanted to go to our joint favourite one. As we made our way through the undergrowth, Ryan suggested going to explore the cave system when, suddenly, he fell down a pothole! I groaned; I didn’t realise we’d come so close to my secret place. I walked on a bit, found a set of stone stairs and walked down them. As soon as I was under an archway I saw Ryan jumping up and down whilst pointing at something. My now-not-so-secret place was an ancient grotto with two springs, each with an ivory statue (one of Neptune and one of the nymph of the grotto), an entrance and exit and a lakeside view through a paneless window. “Look! A tunnel!”

 “Ryan! Stop! Come back! We don’t know what’s down there!” I called after him. But Ryan had already disappeared down the brick tunnel. I waited for him to come back saying that he was sorry and that he should have listened to me. But he didn't come. My only choice was to follow him into the tunnel.   As quickly as possible, I crawled along the damp, dark tunnel towards the light.  As I emerged, I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the place I was now in. Now, I’ve been inside a wolf before but I’ve never been anywhere like this! Dappled sunlight shone through the bountiful trees that made up the tunnel and hit the dry forest floor in pools of gold, as rabbits and fox cubs tumbled over and over together. A soft carpet of flowers ruled the air and honey dripped from the overflowing hives overhead. I bent down and bit into a large chestnut mushroom. It was like sunshine in my mouth. Suddenly, trumpets blared and hooves stamped. I turned and ran…

… Straight into a bank! Then I think I slipped; anyway, I found myself in a badger’s set that looked like it had been frozen, with the only movement being the occasional blink or hiccup from the cubs. When the deer hunt had passed, I clambered out back into the daylight to find myself under one of nature's spotlights. The cubs urged me on with their eyes but I shook my head at them dispairingly as a smile twitched across my lips. I was just about to follow the hoof prints when I heard falcons. And two grown ups talking...

After a long trek across the dales, I arrived at Mordred’s camp. I saw a couple of stone cells. Behind the bars of one of them, I saw my brother! Suddenly, I heard the shout, “INTRUDER!”. Automatically, I turned and ran; not really knowing where I was going. I kept it up until the sound of footsteps slowed down then grew fainter.

After a while, I returned to the camp. To my surprise, I found it deserted. I was even more surprised to find the key on the wall of my brother’s cell, just out of his reach. “Don’t worry, I’ll get it.” I reassured him. A minute later, we had arrived back in the grotto.


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