Sports Premium

Sport and Physical Education are very important to us at Bransgore and we pride ourselves on the range of activities we offer both within and beyond the curriculum. Physical Education develops the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. These include athletics, dance, ball games, racquet sports, gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activities, cycling, swimming and water safety. We encourage active playtimes and our older pupils are trained as play leaders supporting the younger children. We aim to encourage pupils to lead a healthy lifestyle, making positive choices within and beyond school.  We try to encourage healthy snacking and an understanding of the importance of a balanced diet. In 2018-19 we are starting a pilot programme introducing standing desks for some pupils to see if this helps their concentration and increases activity levels.

P.E promotes an understanding in children of their bodies in action. It involves thinking, selecting and applying skills and promotes positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle whilst at the same time building self-confidence. Through this approach we aim to help pupils make informed and positive choices about physical activity throughout their lives.

Competitive Sport supported by a positive and enabling ethos is encouraged throughout the school. Children are given the opportunity within lessons to compete against each other in a variety of different games. Intra-school competitions take place regularly as well as inter school competitions where the children compete against other schools. We have introduced “house teams” so that we are more easily able to organise pupils for small intra school tournaments during our 'Golden Time' activities.  These events are supported by Ringwood Senior School Sports Leaders.

We try to use upcoming high profile sporting events to fire pupils’ interest in sport. Here at Bransgore we endeavour to motivate and encourage as many of our children to participate in a range of sporting activities as they can beyond the curriculum. We aim to do this by fostering links with local sports clubs, coaches and our feeder secondary schools. We aim to expose pupils to the widest possible range of physical activity so they may find something they excel at or enjoy and which may become a lifelong passion or pastime. We aim to light the spark and then, if necessary, help pupils who show exceptional skills or talent to make contact with clubs and coaches who can help take their development to the highest possible level.

In recognition of our commitment to School Sport we have signed up to the Sainsbury’s School Games award and website where we register and record our sporting endeavours!


To encourage and support us in bringing about sustainable PE and school sport, the government has allocated each primary school a sum of money to improve sport and physical health.  This funding has been increased and extended to 2018-19.

Sports Premium Expenditure 2018/19 - The school expects to receive around £19,000 for the academic year. This will be confirmed in the near future.

PE and School Sport Premium Spending and Plan 2018/19 -  link here

Summary of PE Expenditure 2017/18 - The school received £18,940 for the academic year. 

Our aim is that: P.E teaching/ provision will be outstanding and the staff will be confident and able to sustain improvements beyond the years of sports premium funding.



2017-18 Last academic year we have:

Purchased New PE and Sports Equipment:


New Basketball hoops for the Key Stage 2 playground to ensure that the children are receiving the best provision during their PE time.

Cost: Approx. £1,000

Permanent hoops have not been installed due to potential building works. The money saved has been set aside to improve our “daily mile” track.


Trained coaches to work with staff, supporting them during lessons as part of on-going CPD.


Staff to deliver high quality lessons with increased confidence and allow pupils to make increased progress. This will start in the Spring term with Rugby.

Cost: Approx. £210

Staff have attended training and received support from local secondary school staff. A member of staff is now a gymnastics coach and a dance teacher.

Train more staff to drive mini bus so that we have greater flexibility to attend sport competitions.

Hire of minibuses to attend events.


Additional staff to be trained and receive MIDAS. This will allow us to attend more sporting competitions.

Cost: Approx. £1,000

Staff now trained and able to drive pupils to and from fixtures and events. This has allowed us to attend approximately 4 events per term.


Deliver “sensory circuits” as an approach to supporting pupils with specific physical challenges.


This 20 minute programme delivered every morning supports pupils who are under stimulated or suffer from attention deficit and concentration barriers to their learning.

It has allowed some of our most vulnerable pupils to spend longer on task in lessons meaning that their learning is improved over time. As a result the programme will be fully resourced next year.

Cost: Approx. £2,000

Sensory circuits takes place regularly and pupils are benefitting from the support it offers to their sensory needs.

Have the school grounds mapped for orienteering.


School can train pupils to participate in orienteering and geo caching which are active family activities which can be enjoyed for free in the New Forest and on the Coast. This will encourage healthy, positive family times. 

Cost: Approx. £2,500 Spring Term

We have not been able to complete this as yet due to potential building work which would alter the layout of the school. This will be completed Aut. 2108.


Outdoor Games Support.


To ensure that all pupils make sufficient progress within their outdoor games time and to support teachers during the lesson. 

Cost: Approx. £1,200

Staff and pupils from Ringwood senior school have supported our school staff in organising and running a range of activities, events and intra/ inter school competitions across the school year. This has strengthened participation and engagement. Staff feel more confident with PE experts supporting.


Improve and extend our cycling offer to pupils.


Ensure as many pupils as possible gain their cycling proficiency award/ “Bikeability” award and learn to ride a bike so that they can be active and stay safe

Cost Approx. £500

This was a great success with all pupils who participated passing or strongly passing the test.

Develop KS2 Playgrounds.


Ensure that there is more natural play space and includes physical play opportunities and interest by developing an outdoor gym area.

Cost: Approx. £8,000

This is still in development due to potential building works and an application to Awards for all being submitted.


Continue to subscribe to the New Forest School Sports Partnership


Ensure that pupils benefit from an enhanced range of inter-school sporting competitions to meet the needs and interests of KS1 and 2 children and those with SEND.

Cost: Approx. £2,500

Pupils have attended a range of sporting competitions including athletics, football, rugby, tennis, sports hall athletics, cross country and the Can-do inclusion festival for pupils in KS1. We are able to access advice and support for our pupils and talented pupils can be signposted to additional support.